A loose sonnet.

Hope Ramotar
1 min readMay 27, 2020


Photo by Sean Benesh on Unsplash

Did you think I could ever leave you lost?
ㅤㅤFor I did not abandon you lightly
To the wilderness of despair’s domain.
ㅤㅤAnd you were the heat of my creeping flesh.

My red-fire love with your twisted, burning
ㅤㅤSmile, your charcoaled teeth, I climb over hills,
Of hunger, I lay men bare to find you.
ㅤㅤOnce within our second awakening

We will kick the embers alight, awake!
ㅤㅤMy love, we will watch the inferno lick
The land with smoking tongue and scorch the sky
ㅤㅤWith blazing head. We shall die, yes, in love

But in glory, be reborn — divine, new
ㅤㅤAnd smiling like the sun at brilliant dawn.



Hope Ramotar

An aspiring poet who uses poetry as a medium for self expression and catharsis. She is based in Georgetown, Guyana. Support me here: