Photo by insung yoon on Unsplash

Pining is always good natured
filled with aching

and fluttering touches
lovers suffer

their feelings — terrible bouts of red days —
bloom under the skin
then exposed
to the brunt of night

the universe has
assembled us

we rise in nothingness

but love comes always
with a vengeance

the water sliding down
my arm

my skin like rhyme
who can say ‘I love you’
in all
the ways that matter

without bursting open
with memory.

tenderness is sometimes
a deafening hum

miles away
trapped in another lonely

and life is decay
or an animal born

too small
in the dirt — stamped out of life
as its mother sinks
her mouth
into the river.

a year ago I arrived
to love too

I am tired and detached
I levitate
in my isolation
I rise to its surface


I watched you scoop
me out of your stomach

we watched as the
ache died

dry and smoking
on the asphalt



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Hope Ramotar

Hope is an aspiring poet with a passion for story telling. She uses poetry as medium for self expression and catharsis. She is based in Georgetown, Guyana.